Being Outside - Reflecting Inward Week 7

Meeting God Outdoors: Waypoint Park

On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wonderous works, I will meditate. -- Psalm 145:5

Are you wanting to add a spiritual practice? To find scared spaces to ground you during this time of waiting and hoping?

Are you wishing to escape the COVID Blues, wander not too far from home, yet be able to stretch your legs, breathe fresh air, and practice social distancing?

We’ve called upon two long-time First Congregational Church members and outdoor enthusiasts, Herb and Marion Brown, to recommend places where our congregants might seek and find remarkable settings for experiencing God’s wonderous creations. We suggest that these places might be ones where you might stop, breathe deeply, then pause for a few intentional minutes of introspection, prayer, and/or meditation.

This week we invite you to visit: Bellingham Cruise Ferry Terminal.

Walking around the Bellingham Cruise Terminal (Fairhaven Ferry Terminal) at the end of Harris Ave. can be very relaxing and picturesque. It is especially nice around sunset. This area is usually not as busy as Marine Park which is close by and an easy walk away. There are plenty of places outside the ferry terminal to sit and enjoy the scenery. Interesting photographs and historical notes can be found posted on the fencing around the terminal. In addition to watching the occasional ferry, you can observe the various whale watching boats, paddle boarders, kayakers, sail boats etc. The Schooner Zodiac is often docked there. There are two Coast Guard Cutters docked nearby and behind them one can look up at the South Hill area of Bellingham and see the sun reflected in the windows at sunset. The occasional seal in the water, the heron watching for a possible dinner and of course the ever-present seagulls all make for an enjoyable moment for reflection. We live in such an incredible place. It is good to be still and enjoy!