From the Pastors

Messages from our pastors.

  • This week we will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. Many of us wonder how we will spend this most sacred season when we cannot enact so many of our traditions.

  • Worrying night and day about the election process and election outcomes?  Let’s stop for a few minutes and be together 7:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday-Wednesday, October 31-November 4.

  • We’re now 3 weeks out from a fraught presidential election, and many of us are finding ourselves in a higher zone of anxiety. Maybe you feel it in your body, or perhaps you’re unable to focus as well as usual (is it the election or is it pandemic? likely, both). We’re also facing the fact that we will likely have to wait for election results much longer than we often do. How will you take care of yourself leading up to and beyond November 3?

  • Connection is one of the most significant pieces I’m missing in our church life these days. We don’t get to mingle in the social hall or bump into each other in the hallway after board meetings. Zoom events help a little, but often we do our business and log off (screen time is exhausting in its own ways).