Green Team April Focus

Walk, Bike or Take Public Transport


The world’s roadways are clogged with vehicles, most of them burning diesel or gasoline. Walking or riding a bike instead of driving will reduce greenhouse gas emissions -- and help your health and fitness. For longer distances, consider taking a train or bus. And carpool whenever possible. Living car-free can reduce your carbon footprint by up to two tons of CO2e per year compared to a lifestyle using a car. Learn more about how to green your travel.


The Green Team hopes to help our faith community focus on just one or two items or ideas you and/or your family can try each month: to reduce our carbon footprint; suggest ideas for what you can specifically do; reinforce our monthly ritual in Worship; bring hope to our efforts individually and together on Climate Justice.


Previous focus areas:

January: “Saving Energy at Home”

February: “Speak Up” (centered around our Washington State Legislative session)

March:  “Reduce , Reuse, Repair & Recycle”


This month’s focus:

April: “Plastics” & “Walk, Bike or take Public Transport”


Future focus areas:

May: “Plant Native Species”

June: “Clean up your Environment”

July: “Switch to an Electric Vehicle”

August: “Eat More Vegetables”

September: “Throw Away Less Food”

October: “Clean Up your Environment”

November: “Change Your Home’s Source of Energy”

December: “Make your Money Count”


Each monthly focus was selected to correspond to the season of the year. Try one or two ideas each month. Give us feedback how we are doing.