Rock Painting Workshop

Join us Thursday, November 12 at 2:00 pm for a workshop led by Dorothy Shimer. Spend a ZOOM afternoon visiting and learning the art of mandala rock painting. As we chat, Dorothy Shimer will demonstrate some simple techniques for this craft. If you’d like to paint along, gather from around your house:

  • A smooth rock at least 2 to 3 inches across,
  • Acrylic paint in several colors, liquid paint that comes in 2oz bottles is a good consistency,
  • Dotting tools which can be anything with a round flat surface. It is best to have tools of different sizes. The eraser on a #2 pencil works well, also pencils sharpened to varying degrees of sharpness. Toothpicks, Q-tips, wooden skewers, the handle end of artist paint brushes, plastic crochet hooks, different size nails, etc.
  • A couple of wet paper towels.
  • Lid from a jar or yogurt container to use as a pallet.
  • Cardstock or cardboard for practice

For more information please contact Paula McGrath, Watch for a Zoom link next week. All are welcome