Our Philosophy

The principle behind our Church Rental Use Policy is to responsibly make the greatest use of the church facility as a service to the surrounding community as well as our members. Generally, we allow only 501 (C) (3) organizations (non-profit or academic institutions) to rent our space. However, with Trustees approval, the use of church facilities may be allowed when the use is consistent with state law. All groups and organizations, both member and non-member, are required to abide by the  Church Rental Use Policy. This includes recognition that all are welcomed without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, economic or social status, or sexual orientation. Any group requesting use of church facilities, must complete and submit a Church Rental Use Application Form. You can download the form here, or fill out an online form here. The church reserves the right to approve or decline any request for usage. Our fee schedule is available here.


We encourage the use of masks but do not require them. Groups may impose their own standards if desired. For more information contact office@fccb.net.

Our Spaces


Our Sanctuary, with its excellent acoustics and quality piano is a popular venue for musical performances. The built in projector, screen, and sound system are useful for large meetings or presentations.

Social Hall

The Social Hall is a good room for receptions, and meetings or presentations for groups too small for the Sanctuary. The Social Hall can be equipped with a portable sound system, projector, and screen. Flexible arrangements of table and chairs are possible.


The Narthex, or foyer, is the space between the Sanctuary and Social Hall. For concerts it is a good place to set up a ticket table. For celebrations, it can be used to set up tables with photographs. The Narthex can be rented with the Sanctuary.



Our commercial-grade kitchen is available with the Sanctuary or Social Hall. For more information about using the kitchen, contact us for our Kitchen Use Guidelines.



The Chapel is where our portable labyrinth is usually set up. Without the labyrinth, it would be perfect for an intimate wedding. It would also be suitable for small group presentations or classes. The Chapel is one of our many rooms with a piano.


Fireplace Room

The Fireplace Room is our church’s parlor, with comfortable sofas and chairs, a good setting for small, casual meetings. This is another of our rooms with a piano. Of course, there’s a fireplace, too!



The Library is another cozy room for small group meetings. It has a conference table with comfortable chairs. The windows provide abundant natural light, and the stained glass window is an interesting feature.


Mt. Baker Room

The Mt. Baker Room is a meeting room for small to medium-size groups, able to seat about 15 comfortably. There is a large conference table and comfortable chairs. The wall of windows bring natural light into your discussions. There is an area of blank wall in this room which is suitable for using a projector. The Mt. Baker Room also has a large dry-erase board. We can supply easels with flip charts to record your meeting notes.


Rooms 12/14

Rooms 12 & 14 are two adjoining rooms used as one. This room is where our Church Council meets, and can comfortably seat about 30 with tables. Rooms 12 & 14 have a white board, piano, and smart TV. There is also counter space for arranging refreshments, or a simple lunch buffet. It’s the perfect location for meetings with larger groups, or staff training.

Room 11

Room 11 is across the hall from Rooms 12 and 14, and is often used as a break out room for larger meetings in those rooms. It is also a popular meeting room for small groups. Room 11 has a piano, white board, and window, which brings in plenty of natural light. The stained glass doors add a unique bit of warmth to this setting.