Brokedown Palace Sale Paused!

Good news! The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) just announced that they're pausing the Brokedown Palace Timber Sale for a second time. This pause will allow time for this mature, naturally-regenerated forest to be evaluated for protection under Washington's new Climate Commitment Act (CCA) program. Back in May, Whatcom County Council sent a letter to DNR asking the agency to pause the Brokedown Palace Timber Sale. They were also asking for greater co-management of the county trustlands that DNR manages on behalf of Whatcom County. Notably, Whatcom County was the first county in the state to ask that DNR utilize the new CCA program to protect mature stands with high conservation value while making sure replacement lands are acquired and managed for trust beneficiaries. Thank You to all who wrote in to request this pause!  Your voices really made a difference!