Our faith in action

Want to see what our solar panels are doing? See live information about our solar panel's energy production by clicking here.

The Hebrew word shalom describes a just peace and a sense of wholeness and interconnectedness for every person and all of creation. We believe this is the kind of life and community that God calls us to create here on earth.


We at First Congregational Church Bellingham strive to be a loving community that practices service, hospitality, and care for people and planet, while seeking peace and justice for all.

At First Congregational Church of Bellingham, we believe that our Creator loves and accepts each of us just as we were created — no matter our gender identity, race, ethnicity, economic or social status, or sexual orientation. 


We also recognize that the wider church has not always followed Christ’s example of radical love and hospitality to all. Our church is committed to welcoming all people into the full life and rites of our community including membership, communion, and marriage. No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

We recognize that racism - implicit, explicit, systemic, and ongoing – is both embedded and pervasive in the fabric of our greater society, county, city, and neighborhoods.

As such, we the members of First Congregational United Church of Christ of Bellingham seek to be positive changemakers, working to be an ally in the realization of equity, social justice, and
civil rights for all people.


Want to see what our solar panels
are doing? 

See live information about our solar panel's energy production by clicking here.

The Mission and Justice Board aspires to lead our church community to deepen our individual and collective commitment to a more sustainable future, and pursue becoming a more “greening congregation.” Since this climate justice call to action would involve Worship, Education, Building and Grounds, Community Engagement, and Advocacy, we sought Church Council support! The Mission and Justice Board has joined Earth Ministry of Seattle and re-engaged with its local
Bellingham affiliate, Multi-Faith Network for Climate Justice (MNCJ), both interdenominational and interfaith nonprofits dedicated to caring for creation.




Restorative Practices for Those Doing Justice Work


Exhaustion, discouragement, grief, trauma--all can make us feel as if we’re wandering alone in a barren wilderness, desperate for renewal. Sometimes it's less severe: We still believe in our justice work, but we feel apathetic and detached.

As a Just-Peace Church, we are called to create space for spiritual renewal and nurture for peace and social justice workers, sharing each other’s joys and burdens whether at jobs or as volunteers. The FCCB Boards embed renewal and nurture for all in our daily lives.

In our "spiritual pantry," you can select, anytime, anywhere, resources you need to fill or feed your soul.

Whether music, poetry, stories, or visual arts will renew or nurture you, open the pantry at the FCCB Full Circle Blog under “Connect”  or on the FCCB Facebook page.

Select what works for you at this moment or share something you think will renew others.