Brown's List 2

Brown's List, Week 2 - WWU Tree Tour:

Sitting near or under trees is a great place to meditate and appreciate their natural and unique beauty. WWU has a Tree Tour to help you identify and learn more about their unique collection, The Camperdown Elm which has unique snake-like branches that look more like roots cannot reproduce and is the descendant (via grafts) of a mutant Wych Elm found in Scotland. It is near Old Main on the north side of the bird sanctuary. While in the area, check out the 120 foot Sequoia with an equally interesting but very different branch pattern. Hopefully you will have time to enjoy many more of the trees while you are there.
Parking: free this summer in lots C (south end) and 6V (north end, but the elevator is not working).To get directions Google: WWU lot C etc. After 4:30 and on weekends, lot 11G is available just south of the Performing Arts Center, and there is a pay station there that takes credit cards, $1/hour. It is the easiest way to access the Old Main area. With a disabled parking permit you can park in any lot for free. 

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