• At First Congregational Church, we believe that no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey,  you are welcome here. And we are called to be part of extended and proclaiming that welcome!

  • Your COVID-19 Advisory Committee would like to reach out and share. Since July of 2020, we have faithfully met, sometimes as often as weekly, to navigate our building and your fellowship through the challenges COVID-19 has placed on our church community.

  • Backyard conversations are happening, and early experiences have been very positive! If there is interest, we hope to continue offering them through the summer. See below for the original description and the sign up.

  • The Delta variant is now in Whatcom County and it is the most dominant strain in the US. Many areas are seeing a rise in infections and hospitalizations. This strain is more transmissible and can cause more serious illness.

  • We are all so anxious to start connecting again and we have a lot to share and talk about! To that end, your leadership team is working to organize small group gatherings of church folk this summer.

  • A New Directory is Coming! Our pdf Church Directory is an easy way to be in touch with others in our church community. Help us be sure everyone is included and reachable.