• The Faith Formation Board and Membership Board are teaming up on a project titled “The Things That Feed Us.” Church recipe books are common, and often have wonderful recipes! But “The Things That Feed Us” is more than recipes!

  • The COVID Advisory Committee was established in July, 2020 by Church Council to make recommendations for safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. For over two years, the Committee has faithfully followed data, science, and global, national, local information as the pandemic unfolded.

  • The Ministry Area Coordinators (MACs) are sponsoring an opportunity for you to meet new members or connect with familiar members over food. This ministry was previously known as “Dining in Faith.”  This is a one-time event –no commitment beyond the single evening. 

  • In living, worshiping, and being a church within the context of a historical year – a year, really, that feels Biblical in its proportion – we wonder how historians (in fact, how our children and grandchildren) will reflect on 2021. What names might they use, what words might they choose to describe it?

  • The UCC Northwest Regional Women’s Retreat welcomes women to Salishan Resort on the Oregon coast for our regional retreat November 4, 5, 6, 2022.