Faith Formation

  • In December, the Faith Formation Board invites you to join us in reading Amy-Jill Levine's Light of the World, written as a four-week study.

  • The first Sunday of each month as part of our church school rotation we worship together in community. Children are invited to sit near the communion table on the floor pillows and chairs (so they are able to see). Other adults and parents are invited to join us as together we experience the rituals of our faith worshiping together.

  • As I write this, we are just days away from the beginning of Lent: the 40-day liturgical season between Ash Wednesday and Easter which represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. For some, Lent is traditionally a time of reflection, prayer and “giving something up,” such as chocolate, caffeine, sweets, Facebook, etc. For others, Lent can be an opportunity to “add something new” such as meditation, a daily devotional, journal, prayer, creative expression.

  • Covenant Groups

    We welcome you in peace

    May you enter this place knowing you are good and knowing you are loved

    You may bring your light and your love and your messiness to this place

    Use them to bless this gathering

    Knowing that you are safe.