From the Pastors

  • As we look forward to in-person worship this week, Membership Board has been continuing a series of conversations about a year of welcome. Every member of our congregation is responsible for welcoming others, whether that other is a first-time guest or a long-time member. After this pandemic year, it will be good to connect with friends on Sunday; let’s also strive to connect with people we don’t know well yet.

  • Do you have a favorite question?  If I reach for my favorite question, I often think of one that I’ve used in groups of young people, particularly young people that I don’t know. My favorite group check-in question is “if you could stack any two animals, which would they be in what order would you stack them?”

  • Pastor Sharon posts a video on Facebook every discussing the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday service. You can view these whether or not you are on Facebook. Check one out if you haven't yet and let us know what you think.

  • Pentecost is my favorite festival of the Christian calendar. I can relate to being part of a post-resurrection, uncertain, afraid, and mourning people gathering together to try and figure out what’s next. I’ve been part of those groups before. And, I’ve had the honor of being present when there is a palpable shift in the room, and a new idea is born, or the calling of the Spirit catches fire or hope takes root like a thunderbolt.