From the Pastors

  • We’re excited to share a little about Rev. Phiwa Langeni. The search committee, Personnel, and Church Council selected this candidate to be our visiting pastor during Sharon’s sabbatical because of their many gifts including their ability to support our visioning this year. They’ll start their tenure on Sunday, May 8.

  • The pastors and moderators are leading First Congregational in a season of visioning! Hopefully you have received a printed survey with some questions for reflection.

  • Last year you heard the exciting news that First Congregational Church of Bellingham and I received a Lilly Grant for Clergy Renewal. That grant supports much of what will be happening—with me and with our church—these next few months.

  • Some of you were part of our rich (and lengthy!) annual meeting at the beginning of February. One of the themes that emerged for many of us at that meeting, was hunger to continue the planning and dreaming work that we hoped to start in 2020. That work was largely displaced by the emergent work of learning how to be church in the midst of a global pandemic, but I am excited (and a little nervous) that it is once again time to step back into that work together!

  • Dear Church,

    I have good news about our continuing relationship with Northwest Youth Services. As many of you know, First Congregational is proud to host The Ground Floor, a daytime program space for young people experiencing homelessness, in a beautiful, custom-built space under our sanctuary. Young people can access housing and other support services, as well as basic care like showers, a place to take a nap, simple food and more.