From the Pastors

  • Today’s Midweek Message is in the form of two letters, one from our Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, & Mission, who has begun returning to work this week (hooray!), and one from our Lead Pastor, who shares updated information on several topics. Please take some time to stay in touch with what’s happening in your faith community. 

  • Dear Siblings in Faith,

    I’m writing this letter surrounded by joy and sorrow. I have a giant pile of envelopes to stuff with Star Words, and a long list of folks to call who are grieving a family member who died this year. Though I’m tempted to neglect the calls in order to watch Christmas movies and stuff envelopes, I know from experience that conversations with those who grieve will invite me to gratitude

  • I was excited to send you Christmas greetings from the whole staff. We’d gathered, 8 out of 10 present in Zoom’s little boxes. Our hair was coiffed, our backgrounds free of paper piles, and 1 of us had even pushed pause on their vacation to be part of wishing all of you the spirit of the season.

  • This week we will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. Many of us wonder how we will spend this most sacred season when we cannot enact so many of our traditions.

  • Worrying night and day about the election process and election outcomes?  Let’s stop for a few minutes and be together 7:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday-Wednesday, October 31-November 4.