Feeding your spirit

  • In a time when everything is in flux, how do we continue? Using inspiration from Maya Angelou’s poem Continue, we will consider ways each of us would like to continue to be who we are and how we are.

  • Join others from First Congregational and Pastor Phiwa after worship on Sunday for some continuing visioning work. After a special worship service reflecting on the recent history of our congregation, we’ll gather together to experiment and explore about what might be next!

  • Join others by walking the Labyrinth at 1:00 pm local time to participate in a rolling wave of peaceful energy passing from one time zone to the next around the globe.

  • Join the women of the Pacific Northwest Conference at N-Sid-Sen for a weekend of faith, fellowship and fun. You are invited to set aside intentional time for renewing yourselves both individually and collectively. We will engage in creativity, dance the labyrinth, and listen deeply to Spirit in our midst. There will be space for laughter and tears and all that is in between. Come ready for soul play.

  • “You can’t be Christian alone,” my college chaplain said. “The Church is the Body of Christ. To be a body, we need one another.” Although we sometimes catch ourselves thinking we can be spiritual and faithful on our own, when we pause a moment, we know that we need one another. In this time of pandemic, finding those connections has been challenging. Small groups offer an opportunity to connect with one another and to renew our faith, our hope, our joy.

  • Covenant Groups are a group of 5-8 people exploring faith with one another. This year’s theme, “The Art of Experiencing the Divine,” offers opportunities to explore awe, mystery, grace and more. Three groups will be formed now, with additional groups beginning after the first of the year.