Construction Begins

Remember way back at the beginning of the year when we had a broken sprinkler pipe and a flood in the Sanctuary? Well, we’ve had all sorts of evaluations and assessments and scheduling conversations since then, and it’s time for repairs to start. Here’s what you can expect to happen.

Pearson Construction will begin work Monday, May 20. They’ll work on one-half of the Sanctuary at a time, beginning on the pulpit side. While they work on the pulpit side, we’ll worship in the organ side of the Sanctuary, then switch when the work is finished on the pulpit side. A plastic wall will separate the two halves to contain the construction materials and activities during construction. The entire process is expected to take from six to eight weeks, about three weeks per side.

One important aspect of the renovation is protecting the organ. Pearson Construction has come up with a structure that will cover the pipes and keep the workings of the organ safe. Because of this, we likely won’t be able to use the organ during the renovation.

The first step before Pearson can begin work is to remove the pews, and we’ll need your help with that. We’re looking for volunteers to come at 8:30 am Monday, May 20, to unbolt pews and move them to the Social Hall, where they will live during the construction. We hope to finish the work on Monday morning, but we’re also asking for people who can come Tuesday morning if needed. If you can help with this project, contact David Fayram,, to volunteer.

We are very grateful to David Fayram of the Facilities Maintenance Team for all his work coordinating insurance and Pearson. We also thank you for helping us be flexible in using our space!