Covenant Groups 2021

“You can’t be Christian alone,” my college chaplain said. “The Church is the Body of Christ. To be a body, we need one another.” Although we sometimes catch ourselves thinking we can be spiritual and faithful on our own, when we pause a moment, we know that we need one another. In this time of pandemic, finding those connections has been challenging. Small groups offer an opportunity to connect with one another and to renew our faith, our hope, our joy.


The Covenant Group is one type of small group ministry offered at First Congregational Church. Those who have participated in previous years appreciate the Covenant Groups because they are something different—not a Bible study group, not a book study, but rather a chance to explore faith with other seekers. Covenant Groups focus on finding God in our life experiences, finding the uncommon in the commonplace.


Each year, new Covenant Groups are formed. The groups are small, 5-8 people, so participants can get to know one another. The groups meet once or twice a month for 7-8 sessions. Once formed, the group stays together to complete that study. This year, the theme is “The Art of Experiencing the Divine.” There will be opportunities to think about awe, mystery, grace and more.  


  • Maybe you have been a part of a Covenant Group in a previous year and are eager to have the opportunity to experience this type of connection again. Sign up now!
  • Maybe you have heard about Covenant Groups, but it has never been the right time to try this type of group. Prayerfully consider this opportunity.
  • Or maybe you have never heard of Covenant Groups or thought about joining one. Covenant Groups offer a way for people to get to know one another and to discuss issues of faith. Ponder the possibility. Contact me at I can put you in touch with others who have participated, so you can learn more about this offering.


Three groups will begin this fall. Additional groups will begin after the first of the year. If you cannot make a commitment at this time, think about joining a group in the new year. Some ideas take time to jell, so be open to the possibility. Think about it. Gather more information. Listen to where the Spirit is calling you.


The fall schedule includes:


  • Morning: Third Thursdays, from 10:00-11:30 am, led by Bert Miller. The first session will be October 21.
  • Afternoon: Second & Fourth Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30 pm, led by John Green. The first session will be October 26.
  • Evening: first Thursdays, from 6:30-8:00 pm, led by Stacy Malone-Miller. The first session will be November 4.


To sign up, please contact me at If you are interested in joining a Covenant Group, but none of the above times work for you, let me know. New groups will be forming, and we’ll look for ways to accommodate the schedules of those who are interested.



Susan Huffman