Message from Our COVID-19 Advisory Committee

Dear Friends,


In our community and state, cases of COVID-19 infections are increasing rapidly due to highly transmissible Omicron variants. More people are sick; more people are hospitalized.


The state mask mandate was lifted, and many took advantage of opportunities to socialize and enjoy movies, theater, concerts, and sporting events. In addition, proms, graduations, travel, vacations, and family reunions resumed. Naturally, this led to greater exposure to the virus.


Even those fully vaccinated and boosted can contract COVID-19. Symptoms are generally milder and usually don’t require hospitalization.


How can we protect each other at this vulnerable time?


  • Seriously consider vaccinations and boosters if you are able. Contact your health care provider to address any concerns and questions.
  • Home test if feeling ill. Stay home while your symptoms last.
  • Report a positive home test to your health care provider or health department. Studies show Covid-19 infections are grossly underreported.
  • If test is positive, you may be eligible for the antiviral medication Paxlovid. Check with your health care provider. This drug can help shorten the length of illness.
  • If you must quarantine and have difficulty getting groceries or meals, please contact the church office.
  • Wear a good quality mask KN95 or N95 which the church provides when attending in-person worship. Always wear a mask when in the church building.
  • Exercise caution when sharing a meal/beverage indoors with others.


We are weary of this stubborn virus, but our best defenses are vaccinations, high quality masks and limiting time indoors with large groups.


Take good care and be well.


COVID-19 Advisory Committee

Cheryll Blair, Chair; Rev. Davi Weasley; Cydne Cochran; Bill Henkel; Caryl Dunavan; Dr. Mike Massanari; Heather Shepherd