Midweek Message July 15 2020

What do you need?

Are some of you finally finding a smoother groove in this time? Are some of you creating new routines that work? Or are you discovering that each time you think you are on track to a new “normal” (whatever that means), you once again feel upended, like one of Jesus’ parables?
I recognize we’re all in different places right now. Some of us need more ways to make a difference while others need more support to let go responsibilities. Some of us are very good at reaching out and asking for what we need, and others of us know it as a growing edge. We need each other, don’t we!
All of us are wondering what the next months will bring, and that makes us need each other more. But what is it that you need from your faith community right now? We’ve heard and responded to the need for more small groups where you might gather and connect interpersonally on Zoom (see the Friday announcements for details), and Friendly Callers have attempted to reach as many members and friends as possible (if you haven’t received a call, please let me know), and we’re holding all of you in prayer (I go through the church directory a few names each day) as we hope you’re holding one another and us. Yet we know there is more need than we know. And while we may not be able to give advice or solutions, we can listen and be present with you spiritually and emotionally in this time. 
The pastoral care emergency line is available 24/7 and is posted at the top of each Friday Announcements email (leave a message, and we call you back). A reminder that hospitals do not let us know when you or a loved one is admitted, so please call us and let you know when you’re heading in for a procedure. Whether you feel you’re peripheral to First Congregational or a central figure, you matter to us—you are a beloved child of God, even when you feel most unlovable or lost in these anxious times.
Blessings and peace,
Pastor Sharon
P.S. Your staff is also paying attention to our needing time away, so the Friday Announcements will keep you updated on which of us is on vacation or education leave.