More Good Trouble

Reflecting on Our Individual Concepts of Racism

In light of recent and ongoing events, it seems important to reflect on our individual concepts of racism. The concept of racism involves a value judgment. Because this term is so inherently value-laden, most people tend to restrict their understanding of racism to easily identifiable individual racist acts. This approach fails to acknowledge the far-reaching impact of institutional or systemic racism that result from decisions and policies made by established and well-respected institutions within society. Such instances of racism are subtle and less identifiable.

It is important that we work to understand the intersections of racism and the many other justice issues we are concerned about. How does racism intersect with issues like poverty, voting rights or environmental justice? Through prayer and reflection we can learn to understand the issue of racial justice in a more holistic way.

Please take a moment this week and actively consider what you know and understand about the intersection of racism with other issues that are important to you.