Pantry Drive

Birchwood Food Desert Fighters Pantry Drive


The Mission and Justice board, in conjunction with the Faith Formation board would like to invite you to participate in a March 26 pantry drive in support of the Birchwood Food Desert Fighters. This organization grew out of the non-compete clause that Albertsons demanded when the local Birchwood grocery was sold in 2016. Since that time the Birchwood/Alderwood neighborhoods have been without a local grocery store. Many of the residents in these neighborhoods are elderly, don’t have their own transportation and live on fixed incomes. The BFDF have been filling a need for accessible, healthy food ever since by providing free donated food every Saturday outside at the Industrial Credit Union.


Join us on March 26 by donating items from the following list. Starting at 8:30 through 10:30 am just drive through the church parking lot and drop off your donated items. If you’d like to help with collecting or delivering items contact

Pantry Needs:


Cake & frosting (candles too)

Vegetarian protein (tofu, tempeh, nuts)

Sauces (soy, GF tamari, teriyaki, hot sauce

Sugar, flour, oil

Spices (oregano, basil, garlic, taco spice, salt, pepper)

Condiments (ketchup, mustard, chutney, chili oil)

Tea, coffee (repackaged bulk items are welcomed)

Baking mixes (pancake, biscuit, corn bread)

Fruit, vegetables (fresh or canned)

Non SNAP items

Dish, hand, laundry soap, sponges 

 Paper towels, toilet paper

 Body wash, shampoo, conditioner

 Plastic wrap, foil, sandwich bags

 Menstrual products, diapers, wipes

Pull-ups, adult incontinence supplies


Dried beans and legumes are not needed.