Stephen Minister Training

Stephen Ministry Training Class


We are in need of some new Stephen Ministers and will be having another Stephen Ministry Training Class early in 2022! Depending on CDC guidelines, we will be meeting in person or via Zoom.


Since the Covid pandemic began your active Stephen Ministers and Leaders have continued to faithfully meet twice a month via Zoom to check in with and be supportive of each other. The Stephen Ministers have been staying connected regularly with their Care Receivers via telephone calls, texting, emails and (when safe) outdoor meetings – all while guarding our strict guidelines for confidentiality. We have all agreed that this continued “contact” during such a time of required separation has been a wonderful lifeline for each of us as well.


Tim Shepherd recently reminded us of a sermon from 1995 that Pastor Donel McClellan, also a Stephen Minister, gave:

“When the lights are on and the house is full and laughter is easy and all seems well…

Behold I stand at the door and Knock.

When the lights are low and the house is still and the talk is intense and the air is full of wondering

Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

When the lights are off and the house is sad and the voice is troubled and nothing seems right…

Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

There are times in our lives when any one of us needs to answer that door and believe help is close by –

Christ caring for people through people.”


If you have felt God’s urging to consider this vital ministry to be Christ caring for those hurting among us, please fill out the application and submit it to me by email or postal mail. And, as always, if you are in need of having someone walk along side of you during a personal struggle, please call me, or talk with Sharon or Davi.


Thank you! Kathleen McGuinness