The Green Team

Week 3 Highlighted Satellite Group: The Green Team

Remember our 13 satellite/affiliate group? The full list is on the blog. Here's the latest highlighted group!


Three ways to take action:

  1. Join The ‘Green Team’ 
  2. Celebrate the upcoming dedication of our solar panels and those that made it happen, past & present!  
  3. Attend Sunday worship, October 8, 2023!!  Preview new Ritual of faith-based HOPE as we find ways to create sustainable practices in our everyday lives.


Comment: The Green Team is a large and enthusiastic group at First Congregational Church, working on ways to create new rituals to celebrate our individual and collective actions, large and small, that bring a faith-based feeling of HOPE about how we each are trying to incorporate sustainable practices into our everyday lives.  They are also planning Earth Day activities for 2024 around a Sacred Earth Fair – ‘Urban Edition’ at First Congregational Church, in conjunction with surrounding neighborhoods and City of Bellingham activities. Want to help? They meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.
Contact: Nancy Fayram or Jeff Bell