Therefore, there must still be a rest reserved for God’s people—the Sabbath rest.
For all those who enter God’s rest also rest from their own work, just as God did.
~ Hebrews 4:9-10


Pastor Rev. Davi Weasley will take a three-month sabbatical from August 1-October 31, 2023.


Pastor Rev. Davi Weasley

Sabbatical Pastor Rev. L. Page

From August 1 through October 31, I’ll be on sabbatical. During this time, I’ll renew my call and my role by taking time apart: time for rest, time for connection with my family, time to get to know my new neighborhood (we just started renting a place in Birchwood!) and time to explore my project.  When you run into me around town, feel free to say hi, but I’ll ask you not to chat about church stuff with me til November 1.

You may recall Pastor Sharon’s sabbatical last summer. My project is a little different. I won’t be doing as much travel, and I don’t have as clear an itinerary. I feel called to explore Bellingham, and Whatcom County, in ways I haven’t yet done.  I’m always blessed when I take a slow wander around a neighborhood, an aspect of our history, or a piece of local ecology.  I wonder what the Spirit has in mind for me- what will She and I discover together about who I am and where I live?  

Pragmatically, I do hope to spend a good amount of time wandering, and I appreciate the blessing so many of you have given in suggestions for people and places to check out.  (And I’m anxious to complete my list of yet-to-visited libraries in Whatcom County- just three more plus the bookmobile!)  But I’ve also got some clearer plans. I’m arranging to audit a class at Northwest Indian College, and I’m planning a bit of a pilgrimage to the Humongous Fungus in Oregon. 

It’s a joy to welcome Rev. L. Page as our Sabbatical Pastor while Davi is away August 1 through October 31.
Page was ordained by Wake Forest Baptist Church in 2014 and may seem familiar as she has preached at First Congregational in the past. She loves building community around a common cause, drawing on shared values and the best of each person to nurture a new way of seeing one another—a way that recognizes the importance of our differences and unites around our shared human experiences. Page lives out in the county with her wife and two children, where she spends any extra time in her vegetable garden.
Page is also the founder of the Common Goodness Project, where she is dedicated to making spaces of safety and belonging for LGBTQ+ youth. Most of this work happens in public schools, but also in nonprofits, government agencies, neighborhoods, and families. In this role Page tends to the hearts of adults, working to help them feel heard.
Page will serve 15-20 hours per week. You’ll experience her in worship, through pastoral visitation, and various other events. Again, I thank God for this faith community and the ministries we share.

What Is a Sabbatical?

The word “sabbatical” has its roots in the biblical concept of Sabbath. Sabbath-keeping is setting aside time that God consecrates and makes holy.


Sabbatical leave is a time for our pastor to shift gears in order to rest, disengage, reflect, and travel in order to return to minister among us refreshed and renewed in body, mind, and spirit. This special time will also be a time of reflection for the entire congregation.


Part of our sabbatical commitment to Pastor Davi means we will not contact them via phone, email, texts, or other communications (like social media) so they may focus on renewal.